Research Poster Printing

Restrictions Per University Brand Policy

All Research Posters must follow University Brand Policy. The Office of Communications and Marketing manages the rules for coherent communication of the University of Louisville (UofL) brand, which puts limitations on the use of some university logos. The use of the Minerva is restricted to the President’s office and shall not be used by any other entity. All restricted logos shall be replaced with an appropriate Brand compliant logo. We assume acceptance of these terms and proceed with printing without further communication in order to meet clientele’s deadline. We offer printed proofs as well as in-house workstations to review and make minor changes before printing. Make sure your file is correct before delivering to print.

All posters or designed pieces containing but not limited to the following logos will be replaced in accordance with University Brand Policy:

  • Official Athletic Logos
  • University Seal – Minerva
  • UofL Physicians Logos

Software Compatibility

We use Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Creative Suite. If you use other software or an older version of these programs, there is a potential for programming errors. Microsoft PowerPoint is primarily a presentation display program. We cannot guarantee that the printed poster results will match the poster file as you viewed on the client’s computer or even printed from a standard office printer. Our department is not responsible for any of these errors.

Poster Templates:


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  • Questions regarding Poster Printing Options Available:

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