Payment Process for Print Orders

How to submit payment:

Download Payment Process Instructions (PDF)

Click the link provided in the cost approval email, log-in to your Print Order account using your UofL credentials, then follow the steps below to submit your payment.
Payment Process Image 1 Payment Process Steps 7-10 Payment Process Step 11>
Beginning in August 2020, all print shop orders will be paid using a new cost approval payment process.  The use of departmental speed types will no longer be allowed for payment of print shop orders.  All print shop orders will be paid for using a university issued Procard or a personal credit card.  Canon Solutions America as the official university print & mail provider is an approved exception to the purchasing policy restriction for buying printing services using a university procard.  For more information on this exception, contact the Procard office.  For print orders totaling above the purchasing limits, a department UBM or LFO must request a spending limit increase.

The new payment process:

Print orders will be submitted to the print shop for review by a Canon Print Specialist.  The Canon Print Specialist will review the order specifications entered and will generate a final cost estimate quote based on each job’s print requirement.  The Canon Print Specialist will send an email to the individual who placed the order a cost approval message with a link to the payment portal to submit payment for the order. Print orders received will not move into production until the cost is approved and the initial payment deposit is received.  

Orders requiring Vendor Services:

Print orders requiring vendor services will follow the above payment process.  The initial payment will serve as a deposit toward the final cost of the project.  If a project requires additional change services resulting in additional charges, a secondary payment will be required upon receipt of the final vendor invoice(s).